Serena Williams and daughter Alexis Olympia together
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Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia’s doll Qai Qai has a prevention playlist - and it’s hilarious!

This prevention playlist shared by Qai Qai is no joke

While everyone continues down the road of this “new normal” and stays home in an effort to stay away from the coronavirus (as well as keeping others safe), we are constantly looking for ways to keep ourselves not only entertained (and sane) but also implementing the highest safety and hygiene protocols that we can. Celebrities the world over are taking extra precautions like the rest of us — especially in the Ohanian-Williams household. Serena Williams’ adorable daughter Olympia Ohanian’s doll Qai Qai just released a playlist that will not only get us grooving, but remind us how to keep safe during this time of uncertainty.

Serena Williams' daughter Olympia's doll Qai Qai shares prevention playlist©@realqaiqai
Olympia's doll Qai Qai shared a playlist of songs to help remind people of how they can stay safe

In a post shared by the social media account @realqaiqai, we get the first four songs of the eight song playlist. Qai Qai highlights So Fresh So Clean by OutKast, Dab Daddy by Migos (the rap group that Cardi B’s boo Offset is a part of), Don’t Touch My Hair by Solange and Wipe Me Down by Boosie Badazz. Qai Qai captioned it, “I’m no expert, I just want y’all to stay safe ❤️ and if you’re as bored as I am, name the artists to each of these songs!!” Fans flocked to the comments section praising the list. One fan shared, “The checklist is killing me. The attention to detail from you is not unnoticed sis,” while another shared, “Brilliant bangers for the cause! 😂”

Serena Williams' daughter Olympia playing with Qai Qai©@realqaiqai
Serena Williams' daughter Olympia loves playing with Qai Qai every chance she gets

In the second post shared on the @realqaiqai account, she highlighted the final four songs of the playlist. She highlighted Lean Back by Fat Joe, Protect Ya Neck by Wu-Tang Clan, Don’t Panic by Coldplay and Don’t Take It Personal by Monica. Part II of the playlist was met with the same fanfare that the first four songs received. One fan shared, “Whoever is creating these for Qai Qai is a genius. Funny, helpful, and witty,” while another commented, “I love your music taste Qai Qai! You need to give us a whole playlist.

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