Alejandro Sanz's daughter

Alejandro Sanz's 18-year-old daughter makes her debut as a fashion designer

Manuela is taking after her mother’s love for fashion

Alejandro Sanz's eldest daughter, Manuela Sánchez, is taking advantage of her time at home to develop her love and skills for fashion. The 18-year-old, whom the Spanish singer shares with Jaydy Michel, seems to be taking after her mother’s interests in fashion. Proud of her daughter’s talent, the Mexican model took to social media to share it with her followers. Next to a photo of Manuela holding up one of her handbags, Jaydy wrote, “Super proud to see my princess Manuela using her creativity these days...”

Alejandro Sanz's daughter, Manuela Sanchez handbags©@jaydymichel
Manuela’s been making handbags while staying home

She continued, “...In 2 days she has made several bags with pieces of fabric she had stored...and the one she’s holding she made for me. Each person takes advantage of their time at home however they can! You’re an artist my love!’

The next photo features an image of Manuela’s homemade designs, which includes a chic furry bag with a unique beaded strap, a mini mesh tote (perfect for summer!) as well as sporty styles, among other cute purses.

Alejandro Sanz and his daughter©GettyImages
Manuela is Alejandro Sanz’ eldest daughter

Although Alejandro and Jaydy Michel separated when their daughter was only four years old, they’ve maintained an amicable relationship. “She is the best love story ever told. The best story that’s never been told is written by her. You open and close chapters of my life,” wrote the Corazón Partío singer on his daughter’s 18th birthday, which happened in July.

That same day, Jaydy Michel also took to social media to write kind words about her teen daughter. “18 years of enjoying a very special being, unique, marvelous, filled with virtues, talents; helping her polish her defects, as that’s our part as parents,” she captioned.

Jaydy Michel daughter©@jaydymichel
Manuela made this bag for her mom

“However, she’s given me so much...her sole presence in my life has been so enriching. I’m so happy because I feel like the proudest mom in the world to see the beautiful young woman in which she’s becoming. Being your mom, Manuela, is the biggest honor I’ve had,” she added.