Maluma makes donation to Colombia during coronavirus
Kind Acts

Maluma opens up his heart in a big way — here’s what he did

The Colombian singer is showing the depths of his soul with this one act

Many artists and celebrities around the world have been taking the time to give back to their local communities in ways that they hope will help easy the suffering that has been caused by the coronavirus pandemic. They have all been stepping up in amazing ways to ensure the safety and prosperity of many — just like Colombian singer and artist Maluma. It was recently announced that the Instinto Natural crooner would be helping close to 170 families in his native country, specifically in the cities of Antioquia and Medellin. A statement released by his El Arte de los Sueños (The Art of Dreams) foundation gave light of the generous act by the singer.

Maluma makes donation to Colombia during coronavirus©@maluma
Maluma shares a poignant message of solidarity amid the global crisis surrounding the coronavirus

As part of the initiative, the singer will be covering the financial living costs of families and homes who have been severely affected by the quarantine and find themselves without a salary due to social distancing practices taking place on a global level. In that same light, the foundation and Maluma will be donating respiratory machines, N95 masks, uniforms and over 100,000 units of gloves.

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In an effort to encourage solidarity during these tough times, Maluma shared an emotional and heartfelt video that explained in detail what he would be doing for his beautiful country of Colombia in order to help mitigate some of the negative impact that the coronavirus has had. “I am incredibly happy because with my foundation, El Arte de los Sueños, we’ve been able to help out lots of kids, and have also been able to donate other necessities as well as medical supplies,” shared the Corazón singer.

Maluma makes donation to Colombia during coronavirus©@maluma
The singer donated a large sum of money to help families in Colombia

He also shared continued with a poignant message, “I am only sharing this as a way to motivate others to be more compassionate with those in need and give back with small acts of kindness, donations — whether monetary, supplies or otherwise. See this as an invitation to help open your heart and help those who have less with everything we can.

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