Thalía y su abuela

How Thalía’s 102-year-old grandmother is being kept safe in Mexico

The singer’s sister, Laura Zapata, explained her grandmother is under strict care

People around the world are complying with sanitary measures to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading and affecting their families. One of the most vulnerable groups of people is elderly, for whom the disease could be further complicated with fatal consequences. That’s why Doña Eva Mange,  Thalía 's 102-year - old grandmother, remains under very special care to prevent COVID-19 from reaching her home.

Thalía y su abuela©@thalia
Thalía’s grandmother, Doña Eva Mange’s care intensified during quarantine

The singer’s sister, Laura Zapata, is the one taking care of every detail surrounding the care of their family member. And it was she who explained the health measures they’re taking around her grandmother to keep her safe and sound."My grandmother stays inside and won't even poke her nose," the actress told the Mexican T.V. Show, Ventaneando.

“She’s with her board games; all disinfected. With the recommendation of washed hands, of the gel, the spray that kills germs, viruses, "Laura said. "She is confined to her room and it is impossible for her to go to any of her activities," she said of the lady's hobbies, which she had to cancel to maintain a healthy distance.

Thalía y su abuela©@thalia
Doña Eva Mange is 102 years old

Her activities aren't the only thing that changed in Doña Eva's daily routine since she is now under the complete care of only one person. “She had two nurses; one entered and the other left, but right now we cannot do that because people use buses, the subway and somehow, somewhere in their body, they can carry the virus, " Laura added

Thalía, worried for her grandmother

Although Thalía is far from her grandmother, her heart remains with her. For years the singer has lived in New York with her husband Tommy Mottola and their children Sabrina and Matthew, but that doesn’t mean she has forgotten her loved ones in Mexico. The singer keeps in touch with her sister to find out how they are during this pandemic that has quarantined almost the entire world.

Thalía y su abuela©@thalia
Thalía is worried about her grandmother

Laura assured that Thalía communicates with her through video chat. "This way that we now have to talk puts her children for my grandmother to speak with them," continued the also Mexican actress." She is concerned about the whole situation we are experiencing," she said.

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