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Dascha Polanco bares her curves: ‘I have to look in the mirror and be comfortable with who I am’

The In the Heights actress reveals her sexy curves with a self-love message

Dascha Polanco is all bout self-confidence and body positivity. While she keeps it safe and clean during social isolation, she also reminds her fans the importance of self-love. The Orange is the New Black actress revealed a positive message on social media about acceptance and self-care. "When you look at your reflection these days what are you seeing? I feel strength and optimistic. I have to keep going, stopping is not an option for me. I have to stay creative and mentally sane. I have to look in the mirror and be comfortable with who I am and LOVE ME JUST LIKE THAT." Dascha shares with her followers on social media.

Dascha Polanco body positivity message©@sheisdash
The Dominican-American actress is the queen of body positivity

Dascha is no stranger to body positivity and she bares it all on her recent post on social media, where all you can see are her sexy curves and shadow. The candid yet sultry image of her bathroom selfie, reveals just the right attitude. The 37-year-old actress has been sharing self-love and tips to manage anxiety while in social isolation. In a recent post, Dascha reveals her daily routine to manage stress. Grab things that are soft and plush, enjoy a bubble bath, do a scalp massage, dance, pray, meditate are some of Dasha's relaxing techniques to self-care. "Mental well being is a top priority and regardless of the times it should become part of everyone’s routine." She told her fans on the video.

Dascha Polanco showing off her curves©@sheisdash
The actress likes to share self-love messages with her fans

The Dominican-American actress keeps it honest with her fans and also shared, "I’m experiencing disenchantment where my brain is saturated with seeing, hearing and creating the same thing. I am seeking to enjoy once again ... but I have anxiety to meet quotas to keep my audience engaged to become this social media guru." Though she is feeling a lack of creativity Dascha is definitely finding the secret weapon to a calm mind and soul. The Brown Love host is always finding a way to inspire her followers through self-love tips, funny videos and positive messages.

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