Ricky Martin
New ‘Do

Ricky Martin’s radical new look was inspired by son Valentino

While socially distancing himself and his family, the singer decided to add a little bit of brightness to his world

During this time of “self-quarantine” and “social distancing,” many celebs are trying to find ways to keep themselves and their families entertained. While some practice their cooking abilities (shoutout to  Dayanara Torres), others like  Ricky Martin, experiment with new looks. The singer surprised his followers with a more colorful and playful hairdo, a look that shows off his more playful side. “Well, here we are. A look at quarantining,” explained the singer in one of the many videos he has posted on his social media page (in the video he detailed the change from light brown to a colorful purple similar to the look that his son Valentino sports).

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“My son said, ‘Dad, I want want to go red,’” as Ricky revealed as he was posing for the camera and brushing his hair. Just like his son Valentino, one of his twin boys, the singer was inspired by the need for change and showed off his look to all his followers.

Ricky Martin and his son Valentino©@ricky_martin
Ricky Martin said goodbye to brown and hello to purple hair like his son Valentino

It seems that this color is a family favorite at Ricky and his husband’s,  Jwan Yosef , home. Last December, Valentino made an appearance on the social media profile of the singer to show off his colorful hair.

Social responsibility: #IStayHomeFor

Although Ricky admitted that the change in his look helped him to escape reality a little bit, his mind goes back to the topic at hand. “How crazy is all of this, right? It feels like a science fiction film,” he shared. “I’ve heard people say that it only affects older people,” and then continues to share facts that show that 20% of those infected are between the ages of 20 and 44 years of age.

Ricky Martin©GettyImages
Ricky asked all his fans to use caution and stay home

He asked all of his friends to stay home and not risk themselves or others. “The only way to stop the virus is for us to conduct a severe quarantine,” began the singer. He continued, “I’ve said it before, but unfortunately I have to say it again because there are still people out in the streets, on the beaches and at restaurants.”

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Visibly bothered by everything going on, Ricky shared, “I’m left with no other way of thinking, other [than to understand that those people do not posses the best judgement]... a person that lacks empathy, I need to see them in the same light as that of a criminal. Maybe you are a spokesperson and you are not contributing to the cause... We shall continue on with calm patience, but let’s not be naive. Take care. Stay home and don’t be irresponsible.”

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