Coronavirus meme - Pretty Woman
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10 of the funniest celebrity coronavirus memes

See these funny celebrities memes while dealing with social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic

Everyone is coping differently with the Coronavirus pandemic and people are finding novel ways to adjust to an indoor lifestyle. From cleaning storage moments to social media live videos, everyone is surviving self-quarantine the best way possible. Though it can be frustrating to stay inside when the weather is marvelous, some have to adjust to new hobbies and crafts. Thankfully, Wi-Fi is still available and we can rely on funny memes while spring cleaning our homes. See these funny celebrity memes, from Beyoncé as disinfectant sprays to Brad Pitt eating his way through quarantine, that will improve your social distancing lifestyle.

1) If the Coronavirus had a personality and name, it would be called Regina George.

2) Marty McFly came back from the future and reported there is still enough toilet paper. Still, keep your supplies in your safe.

3) Could Beyonce become the new ambassador for Lysol? These days we’re believing anything could happen.


4) Brad Pitt is not slowing down and will continue to eat all his snacks.


8) Some parents are not happy with the idea of homeschooling, but that’s only because Oprah didn’t announce it.

9) And the Oscar goes to... Quaern Tinatino for the best drama of 2020.