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Balcony Behavior!

See how the residents of Italy and Spain are finding solidarity during coronavirus lockdown

The two countries have been placed on mandatory lockdown as they fight the virus

The Coronavirus may be keeping Italy and Spain on lockdown – but it isn’t crushing the spirits of those who live there. Multiple videos have been shared online of people finding ways to keep their morale up during the uncertain times, as the virus sweeps across the world. Still, those who are on mandatory lockdown have proved that you don’t have to go to bars, nightclubs, restaurants or theaters to feel a sense of community.

It’s just as simple as stepping out on your balcony. Residents have their neighbors who are DJs, singers and fitness instructors to thank for keeping the solace. The world has watched as groups of people have stepped outside to turn their balcony’s into gyms, stages and a place to let those around them know that they are not alone. While you stay inside and help prevent the spread of the virus, here is a look at some of those inspiring moments from across the world.

The DJ in Palermo, Italy

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 Meanwhile in Palermo 😂


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