Dayanara Torres during Mira Quien Baila All Stars

Dayanara Torres shares hilarious story of her cake rage incident

The former beauty queen’s sister Jinny spilled the beans on Dayanara’s failure as a chef in hilarious TV interview

She’s known for her beauty, humanitarian work and for her career as a judge on Mira Quien Baila - but who knew that  Dayanara Torres  also had being a chef in her sights at one point? But sometimes our ambitions don’t quite turn out as planned. Sharing a throwback video on her Instagram, the Puerto Rican reminded fans of an interview in which her sister opened up about a particularly embarrassing moment in her past…

During an interview with WaluTV in 2018, Dayanara’s sister Jinny was asked to tell an anecdote from their childhood, the writer and mental health counsellor was only too happy to oblige: “She wanted to be a chef so she made a cake. But no one would eat it - not even our Dad who eats everything!”

The two sisters were in fits of laughter as they related the story, their strong bond evident for all to see. It seems the cake was left untouched for several days, and Dayanara even tried to pimp it up with some red guayaba icing, giving it a Halloween vibe - but to no avail! In the end, Jinny explains that Dayanara “threw it outside from our balcony!” And the cake was so hard that it didn’t even break up on impact!

Well now we know that although she looks perfect in every way, at least she’s not a perfect cook! And, like her ex- Marc Anthony, she just shared a post on Instagram encouraging people to stay at home amid the COVID-19 outbreak, while giving ideas of what to do while self isolating. From playing scrabble with son Ryan to giving her closet a Marie Kondo sort out, she inspired fans to share ways of keeping entertained while on lock-down.

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