Cuteness overload!

Kim Kardashian’s daughter, Chicago stealing mom’s shoes is the cutest thing you’ll see all day

She just turned two!

They say, "like mother, like daughter, "and that saying goes for Chicago West,  Kim Kardashian  and Kanye West’s daughter. This little girl is a sensation on social media for her gentleness, and in yet another example of her sweet innocence, the two-year-old melted her mother’s followers when trying to walk in her heels. Chi, as she’s also referred to, went to her mother's closet and picked out a pair of shoes that caught her eye – pink heeled sandals.

Kim Kardashian y su hija©@kimkardashian
Chicago turned two a few days ago

Her famous mom, who seemed fascinated by her daughter’s act, captured the moment for all her followers to see. At her young age, Chi has already begun to understand a little about the fashion world. Curious about her daughter's behavior, Kim asked her some questions: "Are you wearing mommy's heels?" said the star, to which the little girl answered affirmatively. She also asked her if she liked that shoe.

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"You look so cute," said Kim, charmed by her daughter's cuteness.

Chicago took a few steps inside her mom's gigantic closet wearing the pink heeled sandals, and to look even chicer, she had a matching mini bag. Chi was safely walking when she suddenly fell off her heels. However, the fall was not bad, and Chi wasn’t affected at all.

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In a few years, Chicago and her older sister, North, will be able to wear clothes and shoes from their mom's wardrobe, which includes an array of luxury brands.

North has done it too

Chi’s moment reminded us of North’s tantrum from some months ago. Like her younger sister, the six-year-old took a pair of her mom’s animal print boots and put them on. North had a huge tantrum when her mom asked her to take them off and put them back in their place.

North West©@kimkardashian
Kim shared her eldest daughter’s tantrum

North's video went viral, and it showed Kim's followers that she’s just like any other mom who has to deal with her kids' tempers.

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