Eiza González en Bloodshot

Eiza González is proud to be the first Mexican Superhero in Hollywood

In her recent role as the star in the movie Bloodshot with Vin Diesel, the actress proved that she’s here to do big things

 Eiza González is in the midst of promoting Bloodshot, her latest big screen project alongside Vin Diesel, Sam Heughan and Dave Wilson. During an interview with Despierta America, the Mexican actress not only talked about her role in the film but used the space to send a message of solidarity to fellow Latina women for International Women’s Day.

Eiza Gonzalez in Bloodshot©@eizagonzalez
Eiza the protagonist of Bloodshot together with Vin Diesel

“I feel very proud of the fact that Latina women are raising their voice to say no more, we are not permitting these things, we put a limit and that is part of something very fruitful to the Latina woman...” she expressed.

At the same time, she did not hesitate to demonstrate her support for the women of her country who on Monday took to the streets to protest their rights: “I’m very proud of the Mexican women and will be supporting them from wherever I am.”

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In Bloodshot, Eiza portrays KT, a fallen Navy Seal who is given an implant that makes her impervious to gasses. In regards to her character, Eiza expressed her pride in playing a role that is different from the stereotypical Latina that’s often touted by Hollywood.

“I feel completely proud, really for me it was very important and has been really important in my career to find personas that go against the archetype of what is already predisposed for Latinas. I always feel that we have to be strong, or bad and we can never be profound. There are always things that don’t emphasize the beauty in our culture,” she stressed.

Eiza González in Bloodshot©@eizagonzalez
The Mexican actress has won a spot in Hollywood after all her effort

Similarly, her role in this film has given her the opportunity to shine as one of the first Mexican actresses to play a superhero; a feat she had to work hard to realize. “I was proud because I was like the first Mexican superhero, there was no other. Then the fact that I am an immigrant and I can come into this country and represent Mexican women for me is important, and not only Mexicans but Latinas,” she explained.

her co-star Vin Diesel highlighted the great work Eiza has done: “She was a delight, she was so committed, I just think she’s incredible and brings so much life to her character, I’m just really proud of her,” he said

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