Ricky Martin’s daughter Lucia


Ricky Martin just gave the cutest update on baby daughter Lucia

The Puerto Rican singer opened up about his only daughter and how she communicates with him

Following  Ricky Martin  and  Enrique Iglesias ' announcement of their upcoming joint tour, Puerto Rican singer Ricky – a father of four – opened up about his adorable baby daughter Lucia to Access Hollywood's Mario Lopez. Little Lucia Martin-Yosef, who he shares with husband Jwan Yosef, was born in December 2018 and seems to have her daddy wrapped around her finger!

Asked by Mario if it's easier to raise boys or girls, Ricky replied that his experience raising daughters has just started, before motioning that his 14-month-old has him in the palm of her tiny hand. He revealed that Lucia isn't talking yet but has other ways of communicating, including a strong pointing finger that she uses to demand everything she wants. "She has a powerful hand that tells you where she wants to go and what she wants to eat and that's it,” he laughed.

Ricky Martin children on the road with him©@rickymartin
Daddy’s blue-eyed girl has Ricky wrapped around her finger!

The Living La Vida Loca star also admitted that he knows that Lucia will have power over him even more as she grows. Ricky revealed that 11-year-old twin sons Matteo and Valentino are always trying to get Lucia to learn new tricks, but that she really doesn’t need to learn any more. The tiny baby already has "the control of my life,” he joked, “I mean she's going to be able to control me!"