Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 12, 2019

Jennifer Lopez rocks natural curls and goes makeup free on beach meditation morning

The Bronx native let her natural hair loose as she meditated on the beach in a cute blue bikini

Jennifer Lopez gave us a peek into how she manages to stay focused and calm this week by posting a video clip from her meditation spot on the beach. As she pans the camera around, we get a glimpse of the shoreline and her view of the sea as she took some time to clear her head, focus on her breathing and allowed herself to be present in the moment...

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This yogic practice perhaps goes some way to explaining her ability to defy the laws of time! The 50-year-old blew everyone away with her fabulous Super Bowl halftime show performance with Shakira earlier this year. And it seems neither her figure nor her skin has changed much since she first burst onto the scene in the late Nineties. Her discipline in terms of her healthy diet - no alcohol or caffeine passes her lips - and regular exercise routine is perfectly complimented by a regular meditation practice. It’s been well-documented how taking time out to clear the mind and focus on the breath can do wonders for mental and physical health.

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Another of the videos she shared was set in selfie-mode and we could see the makeup-free star in a blue bikini, her hair in pretty natural waves around her shoulders. The Let's Get Loud singer captioned the video 'Perfect Day' and it certainly has us longing to head to the beach for a few sun salutations!

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