serena williams daughter olympia freaks out with rain
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Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia freaks out over sudden rain shower – but dad Alexis hilariously comes to the rescue

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s daughter Olympia proves shows she’s not really into rainy days – watch her sweet reaction!

Some children absolutely love jumping in muddy puddles in the rain with their tiny rain boots, but that’s not Olympia Ohanian’s case. Her dad, internet entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian proved it over the weekend by sharing one of the sweetest videos ever of the adorable two-year-old. Dressed in a yellow tutu and rocking the most adorable afro puffs as she plays in the yard with her dad, Serena Williams’ daughter has a bit of a freak out when rain drops start to fall.

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“Rain, papa, PAPAAA!,” she starts saying while we hear her dad’s funny reply. “It’s only raining a little bit,” he soothes her. “Oh yeah, no, now it’s raining a lot... Oh! the mango is coming in!” he adds while getting distracted by one of the tiny fruits on a branch in the garden.

Luckily, Serena’s husband urges his toddler daughter, who at that point is running in circles not knowing what to do, and tells her: “Let’s go, baby, let’s go! Let’s get out of here!”

Selena Williams' daughter Olympia with doll Qai Qai©olympiaohanian
Someone was not very happy with with the rain shower rescue... Olympia’s doll Qai Qai felt abandoned!

Olympia starts running again when her dad realizes they are forgetting something – her toy wagon! “What about the wagon? Come on, get in the wagon!” he urges, and his little girl quickly obeys.

The dad-and-daughter scene has literally melted Olympia’s fans, but there was someone who was not very happy with it. “The wagon? What about the doll?,” posted Olympia’s doll Qai Qai, who has her very own social media account and more than 140K followers.

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