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For the kids

Marc Anthony reveals what drives his ambition - creating a legacy for his six kids

The ‘Vivir Mi Vida’ singer wants to leave his children with a strong future

Marc Anthony has one goal in mind after becoming a father. He revealed in a behind-the-scenes video from his OPUS tour recording session for his song Úsame that all of his hard work is directed at the goal of leaving something behind for his six children — a legacy. In the video, which has garnered over 15,000 views, he reveals that he wants his kids to look back at this moment in time and see how things were and what they all stood for at the time. He also shared how he hopes that by the time his kids see all the videos from his historic OPUS tour, that things will be completely different for them.

In the video, the Que Precio Tiene el Cielo singer explained, “Thirty years from now my kids are going to hear this [expletive] and where I was at the time and how this happened. I think that is a historic musical document. I think we’re being open and raw, in what we don’t give [expletive]about, and what we care about and what’s important and what should be important. Recognizing the movement now, which won’t be around when they see this[expletive] 30 years from now.

JLo shares a picture of Marc Anthony and his kids©@jlo

Marc Anthony has five biological children - twins Max and Emme (who he shares with Jennifer Lopez), sons Cristian and Ryan (who he shares with Dayanara Torres) and daughter Arianna (who he shares with Debbie Rosado). He has also adopted Chase Muñiz during his time with Arianna’s mother. Marc has a close relationship with all of his kids, so it is no surprise that he seeks to provide them with the best future possible.

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