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Camila Cabello gets romantic and reveals the essential trait needed to conquer her heart

The Shameless singer has love on the brain

Camila Cabello is in love and it shows! The My Oh My singer appeared on Vogue’s 73 Questions series where she channeled her boyfriend Shawn Mendes and opened up about love. In the video, the Señorita singer makes her introduction playing the guitar, just like her famous beau. When asked about her songwriting process and what it feels like to complete a song, she reveals that it’s a very familiar feeling. “You just know," she said about finishing a song. "It's like falling in love. You just know when you love that person, you know? You can feel when the puzzle fits together, and it's perfect and you've captured everything. You've painted everything like a perfect picture. And then you can tell when it's off and you need to work more on it."

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Camila Cabello talked love and romance with Shawn Mendes

In order for the feeling to be authentic, the person writing the love song has to know what they’re talking about. “I think when you're in love, the detail that you get in the songs is…nobody can make that up in their imagination, you know,” she said. “The way the person's shirt smelled, the expression on their face, the way the sky looked that night. Those details have to come from real life."

For the 22-year-old, the feeling has always been there so she knows first hand. "I've always been thinking a lot about romance," she added. "I'm definitely a hopeless romantic. I love love." Camila and Shawn, 21, have officially been a couple since July 2019. Keeping things close to her heart, the songstress didn’t mention her beau by name during the Q&A.

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Camila and Shawn have been together since July 2019
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Camila did share the most romantic trait a guy could have. “Be kind,” she told the camera. “Kindness. I’m a sucker for a kind good man.” However, when it was time to talk about the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for her, the lady didn’t spill.

The Living Proof songstress is currently in London shooting Cinderella. Shawn pulled out all of the romance when he flew from his hometown of Toronto to London to be with his leading lady on Valentine’s Day.