Jennifer Lopez

Dance off!

There’s a new dance challenge featuring this iconic Jennifer Lopez song

#JLoTikTokChallenge is taking over the web!

It’s been more than two weeks since Jennifer Lopez and Shakira had us rooting for them during the Super Bowl LIV (they were the real reason we were watching!), but their historic performance continues to linger both in our minds and on the web. Soon after, Shakira took over social media challenges with the Champeta challenge. The mariachis dance challenge really took it to another level! Now, there’s a new dance-off, but this one’s inspired after JLo. The #JLoTikTokChallenge is based on the iconic singer’s performance of her famous song On the floor.

Everyone from adorable little girls to aspiring dancers and even mother-daughter duos has joined in on the Tik Tok fun by reliving the performer’s Super Bowl choreography. Ahead, we’ve gathered a few of the challenges that stood out to us the most.

Will you be taking part in the dance?