Jennifer Lopez posing in white bikini

Jennifer Lopez breaks the internet with stunning revealing white bikini picture

The Hustlers star shared a super sexy photo of herself rocking a tiny white bikini and her fans go absolutely bananas

“Perfection,” “insane,” and “wow,” were a recurring theme throughout the 5 million reactions Jennifer Lopez got from her fans when she shared the most incredible picture on social media. Posing in a revealing white bikini by LA swimwear brand Frankies Bikinis, the Bronx diva showed off the amazing results of her grueling workout routine which helped her prepare for her epic Super Bowl performance with Shakira. “Relaxed and recharged,” she said in the caption alongside the jaw-dropping photo, and we must add: “and absolutely stunning!”

Jennifer Lopez shows off curves in tiny white bikini photo©JLo
Wow, wow, wow. Jennifer Lopez shows off her perfect body in the flattering Firefly bikini by Frankies Bikinis

With a defiant look, a tight ballerina bun and minimal makeup, the 50-year-old posted the sexy selfie flashing her perfect abs and leaving her followers speechless. Jennifer Lopez’s perfect body is the result of years of hard work, effort, and discipline. She has often shared videos of her workout routines and has also followed specific diets - she challenged her fans to join her to skip sugar for 14 days- to keep her famous curves in shape.

Jennifer Lopez Super Bowl performance©GettyImages
Jennifer Lopez mastered pole dancing while preparing for Hustlers, an execellent exercise to tone abs, legs and arms

Jenny From the Block is a determined woman who’s not afraid to go the extra mile to get results, as she did to play Ramona, her role in Hustlers. In order to get closer to the character, the On the Floor hit-maker took pole dancing classes, something she described as: “Just as hard as anything I’ve ever learned... it might be one of the hardest.” Jennifer revealed she was covered in cuts and bruises as she honed her new skills, but of course she mastered the discipline, and even incorporated it into her Super Bowl performance. Not only is it a seductive dance form, it’s also the perfect exercise to tone and strengthen abs, legs, and arms. You can see the results in her latest bikini photo. Just wow.

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