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Marc Anthony takes a page from JLo’s book with candid new venture

The star opens up about his ‘beautiful and uncomfortable’ songwriting process in a new docuseries

Marc Anthony has invited fans to get to know him “in a whole new way.” The Puerto Rican hitmaker premiered his intimate new documentary series OPUS Sessions on Youtube this week, giving the world a candid look at his songwriting process in episode one. While sitting in the recording studio, the I Need To Know crooner opened up about his artistry like never before, saying: “You have to come up with something out of nothing.”

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Marc Anthony valentine©Max Trueno
Marc Anthony is currently on his OPUS tour

“It’s almost like a sculptor, right?” Marc continued. “He takes a block of marble… the piece is in there. I just have to take away what doesn’t belong. It’s there, I just have to chisel away what’s hiding.” The dad-of-six then called the process “the most beautiful, uncomfortable thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”

At 51-years-old, Marc says “I’m feeling it more profound now.” He adds: “I understand the repercussions of a song that’s gonna be around for the next 20 years. Like I get it now.” Of course, the top-selling singer has hits that have done just that - stuck to the proverbial wall of music like glue.

Marc’s series could be inspired by his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez, who has been boasting about her entertainment escapades on Youtube for quite some time. The starry pair share two children together: Max and Emme. Marc recently praised the latter for a sweet appearance alongside mom JLo in her trendy Super Bowl halftime performance. “Emme Daddy is so proud of you,” he wrote. “You are my <3 and I am forever yours.”