Demi Lovato, inspirational tattoo
Inked with a purpose

Demi Lovato shares the meaning behind life-like tattoo she got while ‘dark’ on social media

The Anyone singer added another piece to her ever-growing collection

Demi Lovato is opening up about her latest ink. The Anyone singer opened up about her latest tattoo done by artist Alessandro Capozzi, and its beautiful meaning. In a detailed post, Demi shared that she got the ink while she went “dark” on social media in preparation for the Grammys and Super Bowl. “I told him about my life and where I was at in that moment and we created a combination on images that best symbolized the spiritual awakening I was having,” she wrote. “Having a fallen angel being lifted by 3, pure, angelic doves (the Holy trinity) as her inner light is being guided by a higher consciousness, and the disintegration of her dark wings was representing the darkness I was shedding.”

Demi Lovato, new tattoo©@ddlovato
Demi Lovato shared the meaning behind her latest tattoo

She continued: “Alessandro - you are extremely talented and I can’t wait for more!! Thank you for this special experience.. the only bummer is I can’t physically see this amazing artwork because it’s on my back! Haha. Also shout out to @scooterbraun for introducing us! ps. I still can’t believe how life like this looks and it healed amazing as well.”

The piece is one of Demi’s over a dozen tattoos. The Tell Me You Love Me singer has pieces that range from a lion, a portrait of her grandmother, birds and smaller pieces on her hands. Each piece represents something special in her life.

Demi Lovato, multiple tattoos©@ddlovato
The Tell Me You Love Me singer has over a dozen tattoos
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In October, the Confident singer shared a small piece dedicated to her late friend. A small T rested on her forearm, above a rose. “A T for Tommy. RIP you special angel. Love you forever @sirtruss thank you for the ink @rafael_valdez.. it’s beautiful and I’m so grateful for this. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please do not hesitate to ask for help. Please call 877.921.9653.” Demi is slowing no signs of slowing down when it comes to the ink – and we love it!

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