Amara La Negra was homeless
Getting Candid!

Amara La Negra reveals homeless past in candid interview

The reality TV star made the personal reveal early this month

Amara La Negra made a very personal reveal. The Love and Hip Hop: Miami star got candid about a time in her life when she was homeless. During her appearance on The Real, Amara shared that after a failed relationship with her ex-boyfriend, she was living in her car for three months. Amara explained that her ex was responsible for managing her money, when their relationship ended, she and her mother had to resort living in her car.

Amara La Negra and her mother, homeless©@mamianalamama1
Amara La Negra shared that she lived in a car with her mother for three months

“I lived in my car,” she said. “I would park in front of supermarkets, where there were cameras and nobody knew I was going through it.” Now, with her music and television career ahead of her, the 29-year-old singer was able to purchase a home that she shares with both her mother and her boyfriend. A feeling the Insecure singer loves more than anything. “It felt great,” she said “Everybody who knows me, knows that I love my mother and I would do anything for her and to please her.”

She continued: “You know as an immigrant the dream is to be able to make it in America. So, I was like ‘you know what mama? I got you. I’m going to work and get you your own house. ‘” Amara has the best of both worlds, living with her mother and boyfriend of over a year, MJ. As a proud mommy’s girl, the reality TV star admitted that she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Amara La Negra, mother house©@amaralanegraaln
Amara purchased a house that she shares with her mother and boyfriend

“I would never leave my mom,” she shared. “My mom would never leave me for a man, so no matter what, I’m always going to have my mom.” When asked why this was the right time to share her story, the star shared that it helps people change their perspective about what they believe they know. “I just feel that people can be so judgmental without knowing what you have gone through.”

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