Jennifer Lopez and Shakira

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s Super Bowl salaries will blow you away

You’ll never guess how much the superstars are taking home for their Super Bowl headlining gig

Some may call a joint  Jennifer Lopez and  Shakira performance priceless. Well, when it comes to the 2020  Super Bowl they are spot on. It’s been revealed that the Latina powerhouses are not being paid to put on their highly-anticipated halftime show on Sunday, February 2. While they require pretty hefty checks to perform at other venues around the world, the superstars are forgoing a salary for one pretty simple reason - and we’ve got it.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are doing the Super Bowl pro bono©@jlo
Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are doing the Super Bowl pro bono

In general, Super Bowl halftime stars perform solely in exchange for the massive publicity. Being centerstage on one of the biggest TV nights of the year provides unimaginable exposure, with viewers reaching over 100 million people last year.

“They are willing to perform for free and even subsidize the production costs through their record label or concert promoters because of this incredible exposure,” Marc Ganis, President of consulting firm Sportscorp said to Forbes. “Even the biggest names need to continually promote themselves. The Super Bowl halftime show is the single biggest promotional vehicle for a music star on the planet.”

Apparently Bruno Mars and  Beyoncé signed the same deal when they performed at the halftime show. No doubt the artists get the money back tenfold, consistently trending across social media thanks to the stint. We are also certain that JLo and Shakira will gift the world with a show so epic, everyone will be re-watching it all week long.

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