Thalía reveals in emotional interview the painful consequences of suffering lyme disease

The singer shared that she deals with the unbearable pain every day

Thalia is known for unapologetically showing her funny side on social media and giving fans a glimpse of her day to day. But there are other things she reserves for herself, such as her daily battles with the side effects of Lyme disease, which was diagnosed more than 12 years ago. In an interview with Galore, the singer spoke about the discomfort she endures everyday. "Almost no one knows that I wake up every day with a pain that spreads throughout my body," she revealed to the publication.

Thalia has been fighting Lyme for years, a disease she contracted during her first pregnancy

The singer confessed that this pain, which she suffers “every hour of every day,” can only be compared - according to her own words - to being run over by a bus. The mother-of-two said Lyme has affected many aspects of her life, especially her mood. “It is a condition that affects your mood, your character. Some days I feel better than others, other times I feel terrible. And when I'm lucky, I'm like new.”

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Due to Lyme, Thalia changed her lifestyle to a healthier one, where she exercises and eats healthy daily
Although it was not easy, the singer says that the key to everything is to always have a good attitude

And how does she manage to look this radiant everyday? The singer, who is married to Tommy Mottola and is the mother of two children, says that everything is in following a healthy lifestyle, in addition to always maintaining a smile despite problems or physical ailments.

Though Thalia does not know the exact moment in which she was bit by a tick, the transmitter of the bacteria that causes Lyme, she believes that it occurred in the final stretch of her first pregnancy.

“I have learned to put the mind before the body, no matter how I feel. I jump out of bed every morning and start my routine. Discipline is my best friend, along with exercise and a healthy diet. Maintaining a positive, focused attitude, and living with gratitude are the best recipe to survive this.”

Recently, Justin Bieber announced that he had been diagnosed with this condition and that he had been fighting for his health for some time. The singer sympathized with him and dedicated a few words, because she knew firsthand the medical treatments and tests involved with Lyme, in addition to physical damage.

"Living with Lyme is surviving every minute," she wrote. "Together we help each other. I share your pain, Justin Bieber. The Lyme community is here to support you.”

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