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Marc Anthony’s sons join mom Dayanara Torres for her most recent cancer treatment visit

The former Miss Universe just received her antepenultimate cancer treatment surrounded by lots of love from her sons!

Dayanara Torres could not be any happier (even if she wished it). The Puerto Rican beauty is on the last leg of her melanoma treatments, after having being diagnosed early 2019 with the disease. The Mira Quién Baila All Stars judge recently shared a photo of her latest trip accompanied by her the two loving sons that she shares with Marc Anthony, Cristian and Ryan Muñiz.

Dayanara Torres©@dayanarapr
Dayanara Torres was joined by her sons Cristian and Ryan for her 16th cancer treatment

Understandably emotional to be reaching her final few treatments, the former Miss Universe — who was crowned in 1993 — has shared this process with her social media followers and fans since she first started her treatments last year (she’s gone in for treatments for about a year every 21 days).

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The countdown begins. Always blessed... Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me, everyone whose kept me in their thoughts and shared their well-wishes,” shared the mamá-of-two in a post where she is surrounded by an abundance of love and support. “Thank you to my Reina Madre Lela for being here for me and holding my hand during this difficult journey for all of us,” continued Dayanara.

Dayanara Torres posando con su mamá©@dayanarapr
Dayanara also thanked her mother for all her support during this difficult time in her life

The former beauty queen also thanked her two sons, Cristian and Ryan, who she shares with singer-actor Marc Anthony. “A very big thanks to my boys for their unwavering support and for taking care of me, for their hugs that fill my soul and for praying to God every day for me and Puerto Rico” shared Dayanara.

Dayanara Torres ©GettyImages
Dayanara Torres has returned to reality TV with Univision’s Mira Quién Baila All Stars

Dayanara only needs two more rounds of her immunotherapy and radiation treatments, revealing that the process is often time exhausting and draining. She explained, “There’s discomfort, your body aches, bloating, your muscles hurt and fatigue.” Dayanara revealed that she doesn’t receive chemotherapy, which is why she’s been able to keep all of her hair.

Cristian and Ryan: her biggest supporters

Although her sons are still young, the former-Miss Universe has shared that they have been her biggest supporters. Cristian, 18, and Ryan, 16, have been the source of her biggest motivation, but she also explained how she sometimes fears for them. In an interview with HOLA! USA, the actress shared how her sons have supported her throughout the process, her biggest fears and what its been like to return to Mira Quién Baila All Stars. “I know I will be fine, but when the night comes and you go to bed, you think about your children and that uncertainty is so strong,” explained the actress.

“It is hard because I have grown-up children, and they understand; they get scared. My eldest son lives in New York, he’s at uni. I know he worries; he calls me almost every day, and that makes me feel good. The little one is still at home. Thanks to my mom I can come here (Mira Quién Baila All Stars); she is the one looking after him,” shared the mom-of-two.

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