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Camila Cabello shares emotional video on the two-year anniversary of her solo career

The Cuban beauty shared a clip looking back at all of her past accomplishments.

January 12 will forever be a big day for Cuban beauty Camila Cabello, as it marks the day she officially launched her solo career with her debut album Camila. So it was no surprise that on Monday, January 13, 2020, the Havana singer would share a video looking back on everything she has been able to accomplish in the two years since. Last December was the three-year anniversary of Camila’s departure from the girl group Fifth Harmony, and the first step in her journey to becoming the superstar that she is today. In honor of everything she has been able to conquer musically and professionally, she took to social media to share a heartfelt message along with her recap video.

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The Señorita singer shared, “Today is the two year anniversary of my first album...these clips go from the last memory I made from this album back to the very first. it’s crazy looking at the girl in these videos, watching these performances and remembering how I felt in those moments - I remember being so scared in that first video but fighting through the knee, hands, and voice shaking with all I had- honestly watching these videos has left me kind of speechless and nostalgic in the best way.”

She continued, “I will never forget these memories for as long as I live.

Camila Cabello©@camila_cabello
Camila Cabello celebrates the two-year anniversary of the release of first solo album Camila

Fans everywhere still remember the last time they say the ladies of Fifth Harmony together in December 2016, as it was the last time they saw Camila performing with the group prior to her exclusion and eventual fallout.

Camila Cabello©@camila_cabello
The Mi Persona Favorita singer launched her second solo album titled Romance

Just two months after her departure from Fifth Harmony, Camila released her first single Bad Things, which was met with lots of positive fanfare. From there on, the rest was history. The singer recently launched her latest album Romance, and is getting ready to begin its world tour.