Anahí en RBD

Renewed Hope

Maite Perroni reveals that there is still hope for a RBD reunion

The singer-actress shared that there was still a chance for the group to get back together

Fear not, RBD fans — hope is not yet lost. In a recent interview with HOLA!  En Las Estrellas, RBD alum Maite Perroni shared that fans shouldn’t lose hope over seeing the iconic group singing and jamming out together on stage again. Maite also revealed that it’s a topic that has also been on the mind of other other bandmates Anahí, Dulce María, Christian Chávez, Christopher Uckermann and Alfonso Herrera. The question of a possible reunion was prompted by a photo that was shared of all six members together during 2019.

RBD se reencuentra©@anahi
The former bandmates surprised all their fans with a picture together years after their split in 2009

“I don’t know... Everyone is doing their own thing... There hasn’t been a formal proposal, nothing officially, to determine that everyone jumps back on...” explained Maite during the interview. But, she did add how the group has imagined the possibility of getting back together.

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“There has always been the desire, but there hasn’t been anything concrete, nothing that has made anyone say ‘I’m ready! I’m going to stop everything I am doing professional or personally to get everything going for the reunion.’ It just hasn’t happened yet,” revealed the singer.

Maite reminisces on the time when she was part of one of the biggest and most important Latinx singing groups of early 2000s. She recalls, “You’re doing what you love, you’re working, you’re enjoying this adventure that you never thought was possible and that came to fruition in such a big way.”

Anahí en RBD©GettyImages
Maite lived the experience of a lifetime and was able to travel the world with bandmates who became family

“From there on, the rest was part of the process, it has been a part of history and I’ve also loved everything that came after, it was all wonderful — at 21-years-old, traveling everywhere with all the fans and everything that was a result was just incredible,” Maite shared.

Anahí and her mini RBD reunion

Anahí launched the podcast ¿Están Ahí?, where she’s been able to cover a myriad of topics as well as invite her former bandmates from the group to join on some of her episodes. One time, Anahí had fellow member Christian Chávez on, and they shared and recalled many of their memories from that life-changing experience -- they even shared pictures! Upon seeing the pictures of the two of them, Maite reached out to her friend wanting to be part of the fun as well.

Anahí, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez©@anahi
Anahí, Maite Perroni and Christian Chávez posed for a quick picture of their mini RBD reunion

Thankfully, Anahí agreed to let Maite in on the fun and uploaded a picture of the three of them on her personal social media profile giving fans everywhere hope. Although no one knows if the mini reunion was for the expecting mother’s podcast or something more, fans loved it.

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