Eva Mendes and Oprah
Who wouldn’t be?

Eva Mendes reveals she was ‘so nervous’ the night before she met Oprah

Eva shared a throwback with the ultimate icon

Eva Mendes may be struggling with social media (she said so herself during an interview with HOLA! USA), but her down-to-earth and casual approach seems pretty on point to us. The 45-year-old beauty never stops amusing us with her eye-catching photos and real-talk captions. Her latest post to capture our attention is a photo where she stands with none other than Oprah. Next to the snap, Ryan Gosling’s leading lady revealed how she felt the night before she met the ultimate bosslady.

Eva Mendes meeting Oprah©@evamendes
Eva shared she was ‘so nervous’ the night before meeting Oprah

“Ayyyyy....THIS WOMAN. What a dream this was. I was so nervous the night before and I didn’t sleep at all,” she wrote. The Cuban-American star continued by reflecting on that day and the benefits of aging. “When I got the photo, I thought I looked so bad and puffy. I was so self absorbed only to realize many many years later that I look fine and who cares because I’m next to @oprah !!!!!!!!!!,” she added.

Eva’s revelation about her self-consciousness at the time goes to show that we often get inside our heads, and we’re our own worst critics. To us, she looks beautiful as ever!

“One of the fun parts about aging is realizing that every “bad” picture you took is actually not that bad years later. Ha. But anyway, I digress, the point is I met Oprah!!!!!” she added. “As my very Cuban Mami says...“Ay Dios todo poderoso!“

Eva Mendes on social media©@evamendes
The Cuban-American beauty keeps it real on social media

It’s posts like these why we appreciate Eva’s realness on social platforms. Aside from interviews, it’s how we’ve gotten to know a little more about the Hollywood star – even though she likes to keep it more business than personal when it comes to social. “I don't like to post about my family and stuff, but what makes me really excited is when I hear directly from the customers,” she shared during our chat with her.

“And every time I comment that is me commenting, that is me replying to my customers. That's me really wanting that connection because that's what I need it to keep the line moving and evolving."

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