Dascha Polanco in black suit at Bombshell premiere in NY
Beach babe

Dascha Polanco spreads body positive vibes with stunning new photo in tiny bikini

The actress is a well-known body positive advocate and with the stunning new bikini picture she proves one more time there’s nothing better than feeling great with yourself

Sitting on a boat on the sand close to the sea, looking at the horizon with her curls flowing in the wind and showing off the incredible curves of her body, Dascha Polanco showed her followers why she is THE body positive queen. “This is the story all about how I like to ride boats and how I cant get enough of this little black traje de baño...,” the In The Heights actress wrote as a caption of the stunning image followed by a “selflovery” hashtag.

Dascha Polanco shares new photo in tiny black bikini©@sheidash
The Orange is the new black alum is no stranger to embracing her curves

Dascha’s new bikini photo, taken in Dominican Republic, was received by her fans with enthusiasm, all praising the actress and how amazingly beautiful she looks in the snap. However, Dascha was not that confident when starting in the film industry, “I was very careful about what would they think of me if they knew what was going," she explained. "I was so self-conscious, and now I’m telling everybody you know what, you can f*** **f.” Time and her own experiences have helped her become comfortable.

It is not the first time that the 37-year-old showcases her curves on social media. She received many praises from fans and Hollywood stars when she published an image of her ‘ripples’ in an untouched photo. “I’m such a fashion girl and then I think about the experience of what I’ve seen in magazines and what has been out there and there have been women that have been in positions of making the decisions of who they put out there and they allow this to continue for X amount of years and girls like me saw that and that affected girls like me and it continues to affect other people, so I think to myself, ‘Yo, there are times when my body looks great and there are times when my body looks not. There are times when I want to do sh-t to my body, and there’s times that I don’t, but there’s times that I’m like ‘Yo f*** it. Today I ate a little bit too much, but guess what I’m working on my consistency and that’s okay and you’re going to see my butt ripple.’”

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