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Too Cute!

Cardi B’s daughter Kulture’s beauty secret: diaper cream

The ‘Press’ singer shared a new video of adorable her one-year-old daughter Kulture showing the love for diaper cream as the best facial treatment. Aaaawww!!

Parents talk about the “terrible twos” and how children start pushing boundaries around that age... or even earlier! Cardi B´s daughter adorable Kulture is a very clever little girl - very recently she was showing off her singing skills with auntie Hennessy Carolina in a video shared by her mom on social media. Now it seems she is learning when she can - as Cardi puts it, “be taking advantage of other people,” by getting up to mischief when the singer is around.

We are truly sorry for Kulture’s babysitter, but on the other hand, the video is the cuteness dose you need to lift up your Monday blues. Dressed in a white and pink outfit and pigtails, the one-year-old looks at the camera while using her favorite beauty treatment: spreading diaper rash cream not only on her face, but also, of course, on her hair. “No, No! Don’t! I’m gonna tell mama,” says the poor carer while Cardi’s daughter points at her offering the magic cream. It’s a scene that most parents of toddlers can relate to, and certainly many Cardi’s fans have been through the same experience but with products such as icing or shaving foam. “She’s too cute,” and “Omg, she’s so adorable,” were some of the comments Kulture received. You can check they are well-deserved by watching the video here.

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