Danna Paola and Jorge López

‘Elite’ stars Danna Paola and Jorge López reveal what fans can expect in the future

The two currently star in the hit Netflix series

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If you have a Netflix account, you’ve surely stumbled across the Spanish hit series Elite. The show, which can be described as a cross between Gossip Girl meets a suspenseful thriller, features an all-star cast that has quickly risen to fame. Cast members Danna Paola and Jorge López in particular have made headlines after appearing on the show and their budding romance rumors. The two spoke to HOLA! USA about starring in the popular series as well as what they plan for the future.

Danna Paola and Jorge López©@dannapaola
Danna Paola and Jorge López star in Elite

“I’ve always been a drama queen,” the 24-year-old Mexican actress jokes while remembering filming the first episode of the series. “I remember my coach during the pilot helping me tap my emotions more quickly, since I had never studied acting before. I had lots of fun, and I’ve always been able to memorize scripts easily.” Danna, who plays the rich, mean girl in school, has been in the show since episode one. Her co-star Jorge joined the cast for the second season.

Although he’s found success with Elite, Jorge wants to make his mark in Hollywood. “That’s the goal that I’m working toward,” he shared with the magazine. “I would like to do iconic and unforgettable movies that contribute something. So people can learn through the emotions and life of the characters I play. It’s what I like best and because of that, I want to make movies until I have no more strength to do so.”

Danna Paola Elite©Netflix
There are rumors that the two are dating

One thing the two can’t shake off is the rumor swirling around that the two are dating. In both their profiles, they are pictured showing major affection, but Danna recently shot down any sign that they’re in a relationship by stating that she is happy and single.

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