CNCO talks holiday plans, Jingle Ball

CNCO tells us about their Jingle Ball debut, holiday plans and who’s been naughty or nice

The ‘Pegao’ singers have been celebrating their breakthrough all 2019

CNCO’s year couldn’t get any bigger – but they’re ending in on a big note. Richard, Christopher, Erik, Joel and Zabdiel have spent 2109 celebrating the release of their EP, touring the globe, making boyband history with Pretty Much and hitting the stage for the first time at the MTV VMAs. Now, to round out the year, the group is gearing up for another first. Taking the stage for the Y100 Jingle Ball in Miami on December 22. “We have a really big surprise for everyone,” Erik told HOLA! USA about their performance. “It’s going to be fire.”

“We’re very excited just to be there,” added Richard. “It’s crazy for us to be participating in these kinds of events. We’ve accomplished so much in a short amount of time.” Ahead of their big debut, the Pegao singers spilled more about Latino representation at the concert series, the major collaborations, holiday plans and who has ended up on the naughty or nice list.

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CNCO will take the stage at Jingle Ball for the first time on December 22

HOLA!: Jingle Ball features a lot of talent, you guys are sharing the stage with Jonas Brothers, Khalid, Niall Horan, is there anyone you’re exited to see? Have you met any of the other performers before?
Group: “All of them!”

Richard: “We met Khalid at an award show. We attended the premiere of the Jonas Brothers documentary and we’ve seen Camila [Cabello] – we met her at an award show. This is the perfect time to connect with artist, be friends and see what kind of music would come from it?

Camila has headlined a couple of the shows, what is it like to bring that Latino representation to the event?
Erik: “Incredible! We’re excited to be representing for other Latinos.”

Congrats on the collaboration with Forever 21! It’s like Christmas came early for you guys. What was that moment like and what’s it like seeing fans rocking your clothes

Richard: “It feels crazy to be with this brand that we looked up to before. To grow up with that brand, and for them to reach out and for us to work together and have our own clothing line is super cool. Everything about it is special. We were watching the Billboard in Times Square and it felt crazy, you know we’re blessed for everything going on right now.”

What are some of your favorite pieces from the collection?

Richard: “I have a bomber jacket that I wear every day that hasn’t come out yet, but I wear it to tease the fans.”

Erik: “We’re the Santa Claus and we’re trying to give the gift.”

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The Pegao singers spent 2019 celebrating new music, collaborations and more

Speaking of the holidays, any plans?
Richard: “We see each other too much, so Christmas we’re all going to our homes. Zab, going to PR, Christopher to Ecuador. We’ll be enjoying the time with our family.”

What are some of the things you have on your wish list?
Group: “More time with the family, more vacations, PlayStation, Some J’s.”

Who’s been naughty, who’s been nice?
Richard: “We’re all in both!”

Finally. What does CNCO have in store for 2020?

Christopher: “Next year, we’re working on a lot of music and the new album. We’re going to start with our tour in Latin America, here in the United States. Stay tuned because a lot of stuff is coming!”