Camila Cabello and Ryan Reynolds

Camila Cabello cropped Ryan Reynolds out of this photo – and fans can’t take it!

The Señorita singer’s latest selfie is causing stir on social media

Okay, it’s one thing to crop your friends out of a picture, but when that friend is none other than Ryan Reynolds, people will react! The latest incident to involve face cropping is Camila Cabello’s selfie. The 22-year-old shared the photo on her social media where she appears perfectly cropped, meanwhile, only half of Ryan’s face is visible. Next to the image she wrote, “Nice to see you @vancityreynolds!!!” Fans of Camila immediately began commenting things like, “Queen of cropping out men,” and “U CROPPED HIM.”

Camila Cabello and Ryan Reynolds selfie©camilacabello
Camila shared a selfie and cropped half of Ryan’s face

Although it’s unclear why she left half his face out of the picture, we know it’s all fun and games with these two. On Thursday, December 12, the Señorita singer and the Detective Pikachu actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where they played a round of True Confessions with host Jimmy Fallon.

The way it works is each player writes down a few anecdotes or stories about their life, some true, some false. Then they have to read them aloud, and the other competitors have to determine whether their story is real or a lie.

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Blake Lively’s husband went first by sharing the hilarious story about his mother accidentally washing her hands with a urinal cake while at a funeral in Vancouver, which turned out to be true by the way. Jimmy followed up with a false story stating there was a bronze statue of him at the bottom of the lake of Neil Young’s farm house.

Camila Cabello, Ryan Reynolds and Jimmy Fallon©GettyImages
Camila, Ryan and Jimmy played a round of True Confessions

Next up was the Cuban-American singer, who claimed, “I once lost Taylor Swift’s cat.” She continued, "We were on tour together. I was opening for her on her reputation Stadium Tour. And she basically, she asked me to babysit her cat. Her cat kind of had a weird little stomach infection thing. She was going to go do a meet and greet. We were hanging out in the dressing room, I'm taking care of her cat. Somebody from my team asks me to do something, I leave the door open. The cat, Meredith, sneaks out. Is nowhere to be found. Hours pass, and nobody can find the cat."