Jennifer Lopez

You’ll never believe what Jennifer Lopez’s net worth is

Hint Hint: It’s ~a lot~ of Dinero

Hi, hello, hola! In case you didn’t know, Jennifer Lopez is one rich chick. And by rich, we mean filthy rich. JLo, or Jenny from the Block as we like to call her, has so much money that her song Dinero really makes sense. As she sings, “If you ain't getting no pesos, ¿qué estás haciendo?” Well one thing is for sure, JLo is making bank, and it’s not just because of her music. The 50-year-old entertainer has made her mark in Hollywood, the fashion and fragrance worlds and has had several stints on television (American Idol season 10, anyone?). All of this combined has amounted to a whopping $400 million net worth. Did your jaw just drop? Please allow us to explain.

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Jennifer Lopez has a net worth of $400 million

First thing first, the mom-of-two has a career that spans over two decades. She began working as a backup dancer in nightclubs in the early ‘90s and eventually landed her first big gig as a Fly Girl in the sketch comedy show In Living Color in 1991. She then took her dancing career to the next level by becoming one of Janet Jackson’s main backup dancers. However, this was only the beginning because in 1997 she landed the role of a lifetime as the late Queen of Tejano Selena Quintanilla, which earned her her first Golden Globe nomination.

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As we said goodbye to the ‘90s and hello to the new millennium, the world was gifted with JLo’s blossoming Hollywood career. From thrillers to animations, and our personal favorites, rom-coms, the superstar made hit after hit. As of now, she’s starred in 39 movies and 19 television shows, making up to $15 million per film role. During her stint on American Idol, she was paid $12 million per year. Her most recent cash in was with Hustlers. The flick, which she produced and starred in, earned a whopping $100 million worldwide.

Jennifer Lopez©GettyImages
The star brings in money from her Hollywood and music career as well as side projects

As for her music, the superstar also brought in a lot of money from her eight studio albums that have sold more than 75 million copies worldwide to her Las Vegas residency that earned her an estimated $101.9 million. Besides that, she also has her own $2 billion fragrance line comprised of 25 scents.

If her stacked resume is any indication, we can expect many more projects from the Bronx native!

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