Cardi B with daughter Kulture Vogue interview

Cardi B's daughter Kulture snoozes as mom reveals 3 big dreams for her future

Cardi B opened the doors to 'Vogue' magazine and revealed, in a sweet interview where asleep Kulture stole the show, what she hopes for her daughter in the future

She is fierce and outspoken on stage and on social media, but singer and actress Cardi B has a soft spot: her one-year-old daughter Kulture. The baby girl puts an instant smile on her face and brings out the sweetest side of the 27-year-old... even if the little one is asleep! Cardi opened the doors of her grandmother's home in the Bronx to receive Vogue magazine for an interview. During the video, we can see how incredibly sweet and caring she is with Kulture, and, like any doting mom in the world, what she dreams and hopes for her in the future.

Cardi B tallks hopes and dreams daughter Kulture©Vogue
The singer received the Vogue team at her grandma's home in the Bronx, "If you survive in the Bronx, you survive everywhere"

Very pretty in a pajama-style outfit and with Kulture fast asleep in her arms, Cardi explained how motherhood has changed her life. "The biggest lesson is that you are never ready on time," she says with a big smile on her face while looking adoringly at her child. "It's hard," she continues when being asked about being a mom, "you know what I'm saying? People think that it's easy but it's hard, we deserve more mothers' days."

Cardi B´s daughter asleep during interview©Vogue
Cardi B´s daughter Kulture was deeply asleep during the interview

The Press singer also opened up about the dreams she has for little Kulture and the advice she would give to younger girls. "I wish for her to be a successful businesswoman, independent woman, confident woman," she said, "whatever people say, dream big and follow it." In fact, Cardi talks from personal experience and states she would like to be remembered in the future as "the girl next door who made it." The New Yorker added a wise piece of advice for her younger fans, something she will likely share with Kulture in the future. "Whatever is happening to you right now, it's not going to matter in a couple of years, especially if you are in the high school and people are bullying you, picking on you, those people are not going to matter in two years, alright? After you are out of high school. You have a boy who doesn't like you? He´s going to be ugly to you in a couple of years, trust me."

Cardi B doting mom of daughter Kulture©Vogue
Cardi showed her softer side and delicately placed little Kulture on the sofa for her nap
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