Dayanara Torres breaks into tears puerto rico childhood

Dayanara Torres bursts into tears while talking about her family

Marc Anthony's ex-wife Dayanara Torres couldn't contain her emotions while talking about her childhood and the support from her family while growing up

Two of the main traits of former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres' personality are her humanity and sensitivity. Just some days ago she celebrated being recognized as one of the Leading Women of Entertainment by the Latin Recording Academy, a honor recognizing her hard work in the industry and her commitment to the Latin community. The beauty queen has been bravely fighting skin cancer that was diagnosed at the beginning of the year, but she still has plenty of reasons to keep smiling. The Leading Women of Entertainment distinction is one of them, but also the love and support from her family. And it was precisely while talking about her loved ones when she burst into tears of emotion. 

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Dayanara remembered some of her childhood memories in Puerto Rico. With moving words, she explained that while her family didn't have a lot of money, they had plenty of love to give. 

Dayanara Torres shared emotional moments from her past with the media

“I come from a very small village in Puerto Rico. I lived in a very small house, the six of us, but we always had love, although we did not have any luxuries, we always had love," she said during a speech in Las Vegas.

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Dayanara's upbringing reflects in the way she has raised her two children, Ryan and Cristian, the sons she shares with Marc Anthony. She absolutely adores her kids and in fact, they have been her best support in the battle against cancer. "Surrounded by the love of my family, my kids and my friends," said the former Miss Universe with a beautiful picture of them together while she received treatment at the hospital. 

Marc Anthony's ex-wife is one of the Leading Women of Entertainment 2019

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Now Dayanara has another career highlight to look forward to. She will be back on Mira Quién Baila, the TV dance competition she won back in 2017. The actress and model will be part of the jury and according to El Diario NY, she is over the moon: "I am so happy. I love Mira Quién Baila, it's in my heart, I love coming back in January to start 2020 on the right foot," she said. 

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