Kurt Cobain MTV unplugged concert, NYC

The incredible story of the most expensive jacket ever sold at auction

The iconic garment was worn by Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, and sold this weekend for $300,000

On many occasions, the personal clothing or instruments belonging to celebrities and/or great figures of history, particularly artists, become objects of worship for their fans. And that's what's happened with a jacket that once belonged to Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the alternative, grunge rock band Nirvana. You may recognize it - it's the green-colored cardigan he wore during the MTV Unplugged concert the band gave in New York City.

Kurt Cobain popularized the famous cardigan during a concert he gave in 1993

After passing through several owners, the iconic item was sold at Julien's Acutions for $334,000 last month, becoming the most expensive jacket ever sold at auction.

The owner of the jacket previously paid $137,500 for the coveted piece of pop culture history and selling it meant that he received more than double than what it originally cost.

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The high value of the jacket has to do with its popularity and the events that transpired around the time that Kurt wore it, because just a few months later, on April 5, 1994, the rocker tragically took his own life. He was just 27 years old. Over 25 years have passed since and the jacket remains in the same condition as when Kurt owned it: missing a button, with two cigarette burn marks and a stain in one of its pockets.

The garment has become an object of worship - it was auctioned off for $334,000

Additionally, as stated by a spokesperson for said auction house to Rolling Stone magazine, it was essential that the garment never be washed and maintained in the same condition.

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As for the cardigan's actual beginnings, it is possible that it was manufactured in the sixties (1960 or 1965) because its tag label indicates the brand is Manhattan Industries, which would become Perry Ellis in the eighties. The original price of the sweater may have been around $15 and purchased by the singer at a second-hand store, which he used to frequent.

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