Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes shares hilarious thoughts on being unprepared for parenting

The actress shared funny anecdotes on how she has to be everything for her children all the time

Eva Mendes is an accomplished actress, a mom of two beautiful girls with Canadian hottie and husband Ryan Gosling and is the reigning queen of relatability. From her funny stories about her children to her wanting to be a 'suspicious tia' for Halloween, we can all see ourselves being besties with the Hitch actress and wanting to swap more stories over a boozy brunch somewhere. Case in point: her latest interview with human sunshine personified Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show (how can someone not love Kelly, really).

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The two mommas were bonding over their shared unpreparedness into the wonderful world of parenting with their children. "The only test I had to pass was a pregnancy test," shared Eva in the candid interview.

The actress also jokingly detailed how now she is "the chauffeur, a cook and a personal assistant to an abusive boss." Host Kelly responded, "And they're not even grateful!" The two superstars shared some serious laughs over the shared growing pains about being a mom.

Eva has been with hubby Ryan for nearly a decade

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Recently, the Cuban-American shared a super sweet throwback picture of herself and her best friend Kharla Alvarado for Kharla's birthday. Prior to that, the star had posted another throwback of her at a meet-and-greet with another famous actress — Alyssa Milano!

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