Serena Williams and daughter Olympia cute photo taking a nap

Serena Williams and daughter Olympia are adorable in new pic - but there’s someone missing

Alexis Ohanian shared a cute new image of wife Serena and baby Olympia having a snooze after a hard day’s work! But fans realized there was an important member of the family missing from the picture... and it was not Alexis! 

When it comes to photos of the adorable Ohanian-Williams family, we just can’t get enough! so when Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian shared a  beautiful new picture of the tennis player and two-year-old Olympia sharing an intimate moment all the moms in the world can relate to, we - and of course the rest of their followers - were over the moon. Unaware of the camera, Serena and her daughter snooze away peacefully, snuggled up together. Serena, dressed in a simple white T-shirt, appears to have fallen asleep while trying to get the little one to nap. “Adorable,” and, “so sweet,” was the general gist of the comments from Serena’s fans, but some observant followers spotted there was someone missing from the snap. “Where’s Qai?,” asked the concerned fans. 

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“Grandma” Serena, “mom” Olympia and Qai Qai, all doing yoga

Olympia’s doll Qai Qai is a bone fide celebrity! She is the two-year-old’s BFF and we have seen her doing yoga with the girls, attending the Met Gala with the mother-daughter duo and being interviewed for The Oprah Magazine. Not only that, Qai Qai is a social media star with almost 150,000 followers, so it’s not hard to understand the concern of Serena’s fans about Qai Qai being replaced in the picture by another toy. 

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Perhaps Qai Qai was forced to skip nap time because of her busy agenda? In any case, we’re sure to see the BFFs reunited soon, since - as the doll herself says on her social media account - her relationship with her momma Olympia, “is still a better love story than Twilight.”

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