Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner poses for very rare makeup-free photos

The makeup mogul underwent Lasik eye surgery

Kylie Jenner is rocking the natural look! The 22-year-old billionaire recently underwent lasik eye surgery with BFF Stassi Karanikolaou and it was a whole thing that included pre-surgery drinks and an after party with matching latex dresses with eyeballs and all!

Kylie Jenner showed off her no makeup look in a new video

The two friends gave fans a glimpse into their everyday lives in a Youtube video posted to Stassi’s channel, which included getting twinning surgeries because they were too scared to do it themselves. After the procedure, Stassi says, “What!?," and then points the camera at Kylie, who is resting with her eyes closed and a bare face. "Is [the camera] on her? I can't even tell,” she jokes.

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Another moment when Kylie sports her no makeup look is when the girls are home and recovering from the surgery. "Guess who can see?,” Stassi asks the camera as she zooms into both her and Kylie’s eyes. “We can!,” Kylie excitedly responds. The girls then decide to end their Lasik journey with a bash to celebrate their “birthday of sight.”

The makeup mogul and her BFF Stassi got Lasik eye surgery together

The best friends, who wore matching pink latex dresses with eyeballs (yes, eyeballs) on them, get dolled up for their last minute celebration. “My sight has been born it’s my f***ing birthday,” Kylie says on the party bus.

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