Sofia Vergara puts X on social media photo

Sofia Vergara puts an X over a person's face in a photo and the internet is confused

The ‘Modern Family’ star shared a photo on her social media and people have questions

The representation of an “X” over something usually comes with a negative connotation. So when Sofia Vergara shared a picture on her social media of her with her goddaughter and a woman next to her who had a literal X on her face, we concluded that this person might not be Sofia’s favorite. However, it’s easy to jump to conclusions with no context whatsoever as the Colombian beauty solely captioned the picture with, “Happy bday ahijadita, muchos besos de tu madrina favorita!!”

Sofia x’ed out a woman’s face in one of her recent photos

The Modern Family star posted the photo to wish her goddaughter a happy birthday, but as to why she chose this particular pic remains a mystery. Upon reading the comments, fans are also confused with some speculating the other woman might be the other madrina. Her co-star Sarah Hyland wrote, “WHAT is happening here?” Meanwhile, another commented, “Why that X?” One other defended Sofia by writing, “The x’ed out lady is her goddaughter’s real mom. It’s a joke, I’m a godmother too.” Knowing Sofia’s comical ways, we wouldn’t be surprised if this were simply a joke on all of us.

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In other Sofia news, the actress debuted her Holiday Collection of Sofía Jeans at Walmart. In one snap, Sofia is seen modeling the Marianella FAUX fur collar Denim Jacket with a pair of the Paulina jeans featuring “a sculpting contour waistband to hug and flatter your curves.”

The actress’ fans immediately began speculating

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Clearly Sofia wears her pieces all too well. Now, whether we’ll ever know the real reason behind the X remains unknown – looks like we’ll just have to keep on guessing!

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