Milan Pique Mebarak and Shakira

Milan Pique get hilariously poked by little brother trying to help him

The boys were out on a nature hike when hilarity ensued

Shakira and Gerard Pique are raising two future gentlemen who are conscious of the world around them. While on a recent nature hike, the boys took some time to relax and help out the planet by also picking up some of the waste that they found along the path.

Sasha, the couple’s youngest son, who was being the most eco-friendly four-year-old ever, could be seen picking up all the things he would see along the path and put it inside of a little bag he was carrying to later dispose of. As he was helping out the environment, his brother Milan, six, was off to the side in one video that was shared by his father when he was asked to go help out his baby brother. This is when hilarity ensued.

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As Sasha was struggling to add one final piece of debris into his bag, Milan went to oversee the situation. While standing within the ‘danger zone,’ Milan accidentally gets poked in the face by a twig that Sasha was holding. You can hear and see Milan’s reaction to the unexpected attack during the humorous moment shared between the two loving and young brothers.

Sasha Pique©@3gerardpique
The boys are growing up knowing that they must take care of the environment