Eugenio Derbez reveals his dog Fiona got sick from missing him

Eugenio Derbez expalined his French Bulldog, Fiona, gets stressed out whenever he leaves for work

Apart from being one of the most influential Latinos in the U.S. and being a great contribution to the entertainment industry, Eugenio Derbez is committed to fighting for animal rights. When it comes to defending pets, he does not hesitate to take to the streets and rescue even the most defenseless and he’s even starred in countless campaigns against animal abuse.

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Eugenio Derbez considers his French bulldog to be like a daughter 

That’s why, when it comes to his “favorite,” an adorable french bulldog named Fiona, the Dora and the Lost City of Gold actor strives to give her the good quality of life she deserves. On more than one occasion, the Mexican actor has proved he loves her “like another daughter” as the pup is also a vital part of his family.

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Eugenio's dog, Fiona, suffered from stress due to missing her owner 

However, due to his busy agenda and work commitments, Eugenio can’t always be by on top of his four-legged friend’s necessities, which ends in a mental health “crisis” for sweet Fiona. The actor took to social media to express his worry.

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Euegenio's love for his dog is so great, he always takes her with him / Video: @fionaderbez

“Here to tell you that Fiona had a stomach issue last week and I thought it was because she’d eaten something that’d hurt her, but no. The vet told us that dogs also get sick from stress, and like a woman, the girl stressed out because I wasn’t home for a few days and that makes her very sick,” he explained.

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Luckily, the delicate situation didn’t worsen, and with a little extra care, Fiona is back on her feet thanks to her owner’s love. Her stress reaction produced by the feeling of loss is understandable as Eugenio melts over spoiling her, as he declared in a recent interview.

“Honestly, I do spoil her very much, first off, I never like to leave her alone, she always needs to stay with a friend of mine or at the office so that they stay with her,” he added.

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The entire Derbez family starred on a magazine cover for the first time in HOLA! USA's November issue

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The Derbez family stars on the November cover of HOLA! USA, a first in which the entire family poses together for a magazine. However, Fiona was unable to join the photoshoot because of “health reasons” due to stress and didn’t make it inside our latest issue. Nonetheless, we know Eugenio’s love for her is unconditional.

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