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Camila Mendes talks representing the Latinx community with her role on ‘Riverdale’

Camila Mendes is working to represent the Latinx community on and off screen. 

Camila Mendes25 is taking her work for Latinx representation further than the screen. The Riverdale star realizes there is more work that needs to be done. “Every day, I’m becoming more inspired to take that into my own hands and contribute in a real way” she told Popsugar. “It’s one thing to be cast in a role that’s Latina, but how can I actually continue to fight for representation in a tangible way?” She continued: “I’m starting to pair with people I look up to and think about projects I want to produce one day or create from the ground up that will give people in the Latinx community those opportunities that are still lacking in the industry.” 

Camila has played Veronica Lodge on the CW series for four seasons

For four seasons, the Brazilian beauty has paid homage to her heritage on the CW series. Having the opportunity to make the classic Veronica Lodge Latina is one of the reasons the character is close to her heart. “The fact that Veronica’s Latina was something that I thought was a very positive change to make,” she told LadyGunn magazine. 

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“The fact that it’s a Latinx family is very important because we’re being portrayed in a way that not all Latinx characters get to be portrayed. They’re powerful and sophisticated, and I think that’s not something you see a lot in the media.” 

The Brazilian actress is pushing for representation on and off screen

Representation is important to the actress, who feels vilified by the other marginalized groups who are seen in the series. “I know there are a lot of Latino fans that feel represented with me,” she continued. 

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“And a lot of people from LGBTQ community who feel represented in Kevin, and people in the black community feel represented by Ashleigh," she explained. "It’s nice that everyone can feel represented and have someone to be there and add another flavor, another color to the story. I think that’s very important.”

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