This is how Salma Hayek recharges her spirit

The Mexican actress shared stunning pictures on social media of her passion, horse riding

“Nothing like the nobility of horses to recharge one’s spirit,” Salma Hayek wrote to her fans in her latest update “I love horses.” And by the beautiful pictures she shared, you can really tell there is a connection between the Mexican actress and her equestrian friends.  In the images, we can see Salma looking stunning as usual, with very little or no makeup at all, dressed in a simple wool jumper, jeans and riding boots, enjoying a walk in the countryside and looking after her beauties. 

Looking casual in a simple jumper and jeans, but always beautiful

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We saw Salma showing off her equestrian skills on the big screen  in film Bandidas with best pal Penélope Cruz. The movie narrates the story of two fierce women who turned bank robbers to fight against a cruel villain - oh, and by the way, they also look divine in their cowgirl outfits. But we didn’t know the Mexican beauty had kept up this hobby that, not only keeps her fit, it also heals her soul. 

Salma is a self-declared animal lover and often rescues animals in need

The 53-year-old is a self-declared animal lover, as she pointed out in an interview on the Graham Norton Show, she had to promise her husband that she would stop rescuing animals. “At that moment I had ten dogs, five parrots, alpacas, horse, cats,” she explained to the British host. “They always come to me, they find me, he (Francois Henri Pinault), doesn’t believe me but they do!” Of course, Salma didn’t keep her promise, to the point she even found the perfect excuse to adopt a new puppy - pretending she had an affair! “I came up with this brilliant idea,” she explained, “to make him think I was having an affair, and then I would say, ‘no it´s not an affair, I adopted a dog’ and then he would feel better!” 

The Mexican beauty enjoyed a beautiful day in the countryside

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Luckily Salma kept her puppy, and bearing in mind these beautiful pics, she also kept the horses! Her equestrian friends keep the actress calm, in contact with nature and in addition to acroyoga, they also keep her fit. 

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