Marc Anthony's 18-year-old son Cristian has a girlfriend

Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres' eldest son has been seeing fellow art student Kylie Jane for eight months

Cristian Muñiz, Marc Anthony and Dayanara Torres’ eldest son is so in love. The 18-year-old, who recently left home to start university, revealed in a sweet message shared on social media he is completely besotted with a very special person: his girlfriend. Cristian and Kylie Jane have been dating for eight months and still going strong.  As fellow art students they have many things in common, and even though they haven't kept the relationship secret, this is the first time that fans and followers have noticed the happy news.  

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Cristian marked his eight-month anniversary with Kylie with this beautiful picture

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To mark their eight months together, Cristian shared a beautiful picture of the couple at the Whitney Museum of American Art with the following words: "Happy 8 months babes, te amo," Kylie replied to the lovely message too: "I love you, baby." She has also shared sweet images of both of them together. On her social media Kylie shows their love for Star Wars with cute pictures of their trip to Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, or enjoying a date night at their favorite ice-cream parlor. Aawwww... first love! Isn't it adorable?

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Dayanara Torres has already met Kylie (far right), posing by her boyfriend's side 

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Even though mom Dayanara Torres has not publicly commented on her son’s relationship, she is no doubt delighted to see Cristian so happy and in love. In fact, the Puerto Rican beauty has already met Kylie, who has supported her during her battle with skin cancer.

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Cristian puts his arms around girlfriend Kylie in a romantic picture

Marc Anthony has also kept silent about his son's private life, but surely dad's inherited charms have helped him to conquer Kylie´s heart. What is a fact is that both Marc and Dayanara are super proud of their sons, Cristian and his brother, 16-year-old Ryan. The Muñiz Torres brothers are responsible, intelligent hard-working kids who have been their mom's best support during the hardest moments.

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