Eva Mendes says Ryan Gosling is incredibly supportive of her

Eva Mendes says longtime love Ryan Gosling is 'incredibly supportive' of her

The fashion designer's clothing is inspired by her family

Ryan Gosling is Eva Mendes’ number one fan. The Hitch actress, 45, opened up about her supportive partner while chatting with People magazine about her latest New York & Company clothing line. “Ryan is incredibly supportive and he’s always in awe,” she shared. The La La Land actor, 38, also makes it a point to highlight his real-life leading lady’s hard labor. “He makes me realize that [making the collection] is actually a lot of work,” Eva said. “I have so much fun doing it, that I don’t really realize.”

Eva said her longtime love Ryan Gosling is 'supportive'

Eva and Ryan, who share daughters Amada, three, and Esmeralda, five, have been together since 2011. While the mom of two wears jogger sweatpants and T-shirts at home with her kids, she opts for dresses and heels when it comes to date nights with her longtime love. “The other night, I went out [with Ryan] wearing my mini dress from the fall collection, because I could get away with the length without wearing tights,” she said.

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The designs in Eva's collection are inspired by the women in her family. “Ryan’s mom, Ryan’s sister, my mom, my sisters, my grandma are all my fashion guinea pigs,” she explained. “Nobody is going to be more honest than family, and our family is very honest. It’s something I really appreciate because when designing something, you need real feedback.”

The Hollywood stars have been an item since 2011

She added, “And then of course when you see your family in one of your dresses, your creations, it’s beautiful, because you know they’re not doing you any favors.”

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The fashion designer admitted that she is “totally emotional” about clothing. Eva said, “I use my own memories and photographs of my family to create clothes. I’ll randomly text or email [NY & Co.] at 4 in the morning and say, ‘We need to recreate this silk jogger pant with this silk bow blouse, please! My mom wore something like this in the ’80s.’”

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