Beyoncé put her family centerstage in ABC's Making The Gift documentary. The international superstar set out to offer fans a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of her recent album The Lion King: The Gift, but ended up gifting them with so much more when the special aired on Monday, September 16. Cameras captured intimate moments of Bey with her husband Jay-Z and their children Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter on a trip in Africa. In addition to showing how her and the team revitalized a classic Disney tale, the doc displayed just how crazy in love Beyoncé is with her adorable family.


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Beyoncé shared sweet family moments with the world in Making the Gift

"Visiting countries in Africa, it's always an emotional experience for me,” the 38-year-old music icon said. “It feels like I'm making peace with a part of me that's yearning for my ancestral connection. I was blessed to be able to relive some of the experiences that I've been very fortunate to have over the years with my entire family." Her Bey Hive no doubt feels equally blessed to have been taken along for the ride. Never-before-seen footage of the couple’s rarely spotlighted twins was especially delightful to witness in the documentary.

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Blue had a starring turn as well, flaunting her vocal chops while recording the song Brown Skin Girl. Beyoncé beamed upon witnessing her firstborn shine. "When I see fathers singing Brown Skin Girl to their daughters, to know that my daughter can have the same opportunities and feel confident and feel like she doesn't have to take her braids down and she can comb her afro out and she can glisten in her brown skin..." she said, "That is why I make music."

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Beyoncé feels blessed to be able to share her experiences with family

The Spirit singer opened up about motherhood, saying: "When you're a mother, there's a love that you experience with your kids that's deeper than anything you can imagine. The love is beyond Earth and beyond time and space, and it's a connection that will be constant."

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Circling back to the album, the brilliant artist revealed that "The Gift has been so much more than a celebration of the film The Lion King." She added: "To be able to work on a film that is so massive, so iconic, and to also represent African people and African Americans in a positive light is a blessing for me." 

The Lion King: The Gift is currently available to stream and download. 

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