Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas proudly watches his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel on the catwalk

The Spanish actor supported his lady and her sister during their runway show

Antonio Banderas was a proud boyfriend while watching his love Nicole Kimpel during her runway show during Malaga Fashion Week. The model and handbag designer appeared on the catwalk at the end of her show alongside her twin sister Barbara Kimpel who together form handbag brand, Baniki. The Spanish actor watched from the top of a balcony accompanied by two friends who joined him in applauding his leading lady for her latest and most exciting accomplishment yet in the fashion world.

Antonio Banderas©Getty Images
The Spanish actor proudly watched his girlfriend and her sister's runway show from a balcony

The ladies of the hour dressed alike in silky printed dresses although each with a different style. Nicole donned a maxi dress under a light denim jacket, meanwhile, her sister opted for a robe-like iteration of the dress with kimono sleeves and a matching waist tie.

After moving to London to enroll in the Central Saint Martins University of the Arts in 2015, a school in which renowned names in the fashion industry such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano also attained their studies, the 59-year-old actor and the German-Dutch beauty have utilized their skills to make waves in the fashion realm.

Nicole and Barbara Kimpel©Getty Images
Nicole and Barbara Kimpel are the designers behind handbag brand Baniki

Antonio went on to launch Antonio Banderas Design as did Baniki, however, the father-of-one remains true to his career in the film and entertainment industry. The El Zorro star will soon be returning to his native roots with the musical adaptation of A Chorus Line where he plays one of the starring roles. Upon his return from the U.S., Antonio has begun rehearsing for his upcoming role, and his latest film alongside Penélope Cruz is released on October 4.

Since becoming a couple in 2014, Antonio and Nicole have proven to be nearly inseparable. “I’m very happy to be with her and I appreciate she isn’t in my industry. I’ve been married to two actresses in the past and it’s been fine but it’s also more complicated. She’s shocked by everything that happens in my life and discovers many things because she sees things as an outsider, and she lives it with fascination,” he said in an interview.

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