Roselyn Sanchez shares new TBP Quinceanera

Roselyn Sanchez’s new TBT photo: welcome to her ‘Quinceañera’ party

The actress visited her parents’ house in Puerto Rico and found a treasure she shared with fans: images of her 'Quinceañera' party. You are invited!

With luscious curly brown locks and dressed in what seems to be a swimsuit, the girl looks at the camera after being interrupted while having breakfast with a group of friends. Nothing extraordinary there, we all might have a similar picture taken years ago during a summer camp or a birthday party with childhood buddies… Except for the fact that the pretty girl looking straight to the camera is no other than actress Roselyn Sanchez celebrating her Quinceañera party.

Roselyn sharing her special moment with 15 friends to celebrate her 15th birthday

“Quinceañera weekend in PR,” Eva Longoria’s pal wrote along with the cute image, “I wanted my best 15 girlfriends to spend a weekend with me at Cerromar Beach Hotel, which at the time was the bomb!!! Even though my face doesn’t show it, we had a blast, hahahaha!, “ she says referring to her expression in the image, between surprised and resigned.

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The 46-year-old beauty continues her post in Spanish to send a special message to the girls who shared such a special moment with her: “The girls of the gang! Not all of them were on the table at that moment, but yes, they were 15 plus me,” she wrote, “I miss you girls, some of them are still friends, some of them, I have lost track of… But I remember all with love. You know who you are.”

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There is a striking resemblance between Roselyn as a teenager and her daughter Sebella

Roselyn, who is currently in Puerto Rico shooting her new film Satos, visited her parent’s house and rediscovered her past when she found old-forgotten pictures from her teenage years. In this particular image, the actress shows her natural gorgeous curls: “Yes, that’s my natural hair before many years of straightening creams, blow dries and flat iron. Needless to say, my curl is not like this anymore, (sad emoji face).” Straight or curly hair, it doesn’t matter, Roselyn always looks perrrrrfect!

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