Salma Hayek takes us back to a simpler age and time — around the time of her very first kiss as a young lady in her native Mexico! The Bliss actress (a film produced by Amazon Prime Video co-starring Owen Wilson) shared in an interview with W Magazine her ‘first kiss’ experience, what transpired leading up to it and why you shouldn't use honey. Salma went into detail about the hilariously awkward advice that her friends gave her at the time and how it made her feel very shy about the whole thing.


She explained how her boyfriend at the time (ah, young love) told her that if they hadn’t kissed by the three month mark (which they were quickly approaching) that he would break up with her (which truth be told, no one needs that kind of energy in their life #boybye). In the video, which the Eternals actress shared on her social media, she stated how it all went down by a beautiful river in Coatzacoalcos where she is from (super romantic, don’t you think?).

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Salma shared some of the cringe-worthy advice her fellow 15-year-old friends gave her

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The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard actress shared that she was the last of her friends to experience her first kiss, which prompted her to conduct a survey among her friends that had already experienced theirs. “Tell me the exact technique,” Salma asks her friends.


To which one of her friends responded, “You don’t open your mouth, you just go like this [moves head from side to side], but with the mouth closed.” Salma received varied responses, which made her feel that much more nervous about everything.

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As the deadline approached, a 15-year-old Salma decided that she would add honey to her lips every night as she went to bed in an effort to make them taste sweeter (her backup plan in case she didn’t make the grade). Then came the day and Salma reveals, “I was a natural.” Post first kiss, she asks her boyfriend what it tasted like and he revealed that the kiss tasted like “honey.” Salma shares that she doesn’t recommend that young girls apply honey to their lips (if they are getting ready for their first kiss) as she suffered a burnt mouth and numerous ant bites.

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